Thursday, January 10, 2008

Friday’s Surf – More swell on the way

Friday will definitely be a fun surf day at the winter breaks.

The WNW swell that showed on Thursday will hold into Friday…average spots will continue to see chest-shoulder high+ surf while the standout spots (in the usual NW facing areas) see head high+ sets.

Conditions are looking clean with light/variable to light offshore winds in the morning and light onshore flow in the afternoon. There is still a fairly large tide swing so try and time your surf so that you don’t get blasted by the high or the extreme low.

Again if you are looking for the biggest most consistent surf look at spots in San Diego and Ventura. The South Bay and North OC will have some decent size as well but it will be a little smaller with longer waits between sets. Santa Barbara will have some waves as well but expect it to be pretty small as you move northward along the coast.

Saturday new WNW swell arrives and will be bigger and better aimed. Look for all W facing breaks to see head high+ sets and standout areas to see sets going 2-3’ overhead at times.

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