Monday, January 7, 2008

Tuesday’s Surf – Back in action

Hey gang sorry I left you hanging for a couple of days…I took a trip to Mammoth over the weekend…where is snowed about 8- to 10-feet in about 40 hours. They didn’t open the whole mountain because of the wind and avalanche danger…but even the lower mountain had fresh powder almost every run. The fresh snow was sweet for snowboarding but the storm wiped out the internet connection…anyway on to the surf.

Tuesday looks surfable, at least from a wind and swell standpoint, but water quality is going to be bad everywhere. You definitely take your health into your hands paddling out in the nastiness that runs off after storms like these. We will have a mix of fading WNW storm swell and light winds on tap through the morning. Onshore winds and slightly smaller surf will roll through during the afternoon. Average spots will hold in the waist-shoulder high range while the standouts see some bigger sets through the morning.

Biggest surf will continue to show through San Diego, the South Bay, and Southern Ventura. Other regions will be smaller and less consistent.

Personally I am not going to surf…mostly because I don’t want to have another run-in with the “bird flu” but if you have to get in the water I would check out the beach breaks, particularly if there is a sandbar or jetty (or something) to focus the swell a little bit.

Long Range – we have more, longer-period, WNW swell lining up for the end of the week…looks like top spots could be back in overhead surf by Thursday/Friday. Make sure to check back here for updates (or read my forecast for the heavy details.)

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