Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Wednesday – Waiting for the storm

Wednesday looks similar to Tuesday but with a little less swell. Overall it looks like another longboard day for most spots...average breaks will be in the knee high range. Top NW facing breaks will be closer to waist-chest high on inconsistent sets.

Conditions will be clean in the morning but winds are expected to shift more S-SE by late in the day.

I am probably going to skip the surf on Wednesday unless I suddenly find myself with a ton of time on my hands. If you have to surf, go to a NW exposed beach break, bring your small wave gear and expect to be sitting around for a while between sets. Santa Barbara and most of Northern LA County will be small to almost flat. Ventura, the South Bay, and San Diego will be the biggest…and a few of the North County beach breaks (like HB) in OC will probably have a few longboard waves as well.

The incoming storm
The storm is still looking pretty strong as we head into the weekend. Looks like bad weather and winds will start pushing through on Thursday and then stick around for most of the weekend. There will be some overhead+ surf from this incoming W storm swell but conditions and water quality will likely be pretty crappy as well. Cross your fingers…there may be a chance that we get at least some WNW swell before the weather hits on Thursday.

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