Thursday, January 3, 2008

Friday’s Surf – Not looking good.

Surf on Friday is going to be pretty stormy. Lots of S wind and rain are forecast to start moving in through the day…eventually the storm peaks out overnight into Saturday (which pretty much writes off the weekend as well.) W-WNW storm swell will be building but there will be practically no spots clean enough to surf.

On Friday morning there may be a small pocket of surfable conditions in the morning. Winds are expected to start out of the S-SE before coming directly onshore. If winds don’t seem very strong when you wake up in the morning it may be worth checking out a break that is protected from the S winds…like parts of La Jolla, the South Bay, a few breaks in Ventura, and some in Central OC. I don’t think it will be great…or even good…but it may be surfable which will be a lot better than most other spots.

Here is a picture of the new swell filling in today.

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