Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekend waves – Sloppy Conditions possible

Looks like we are going to get the 50/50 mix over the weekend. Saturday looks like we will have decent, rideable surf. Sunday on the other hand is looking sloppy.

Saturday expect mostly small and slow surf for most areas. There will be a slowly building WNW swell in the water but it may not actually amount to that much after it gets worked over by the big tide swing. In general expect mostly knee-waist high longboard waves for the average spots. Standout breaks, mostly in San Diego, will have some bigger sets on the lower tides. Winds are expected to be clean in the morning but turn more onshore in the afternoon.

Sunday a funky little storm drops down the coast and sends in building NW windswell to mix with the increasing WNW swell. W winds (actually a swirling mix of both SW through NW winds) come along with it and we will have onshore sloppy texture for almost everywhere. There will be some bigger waves but I think it is going to be pretty junky and cold…so it might be better to do something else.

Unfortunately Monday is looking pretty similar to Sunday at this point. If that changes for some reason I will drop another update over the weekend.

Get a few fun ones on Saturday if you can!

Have a great weekend everyone.

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