Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thursday’s Surf – More stupid storm

Thursday isn’t looking very good…probably worse than Wednesday (which had a little pocket of surfiness in the morning).

Thursday wave heights will be on the way up thanks to a mix of increasing W storm swell and some background SW energy. Most spots will see waist-chest high+ surf but with poor shape thanks to increasing onshore winds out of the S-SW. Standout breaks will have some bigger sets but be plagued with similar issues. Rain is supposed to be heavy at times tonight so watch out for deteriorating water quality along all of our beaches.

Things are not expected to improve as we move into Friday or Saturday.

Personally I will be avoiding the surf…getting the “ass flu” from poor water quality just isn’t that appealing…and there won’t be that many spots that can avoid the increasing winds. If you have to surf look for spots that face more NW or are at least protected from the S-SE winds that push through in the morning. Areas like some of the Ventura beach breaks, the South Bay, spots around Dana Point in OC, and around La Jolla in San Diego all have some degree of protection from these winds…also remember the more SE they are the cleaner it will be.

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