Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Surf Breaks Maps

Hey Gang,

I am going to start throwing together some surf break content and maps over the next few months. These break maps will have detailed information on what makes particular spots work…and helpful tips on what to look for in the forecast.

Don’t worry…even though there will be spot specific information in these new posts I still won’t be naming breaks in my forecasts (I like uncrowded surf too!). It will be up to you to put 2-and-2 together…but if you study hard and spend some quality time doing field work I think they will help you score better surf more often.

My first one will be Seal Beach in OC (I have no idea why…it was just the first that came to mind)…but I am open to jumping around, geographically, in which order I create the upcoming ones. If you have any requests for the next Surf Break Map join our Google Group ( and shoot me an email…



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