Sunday, January 27, 2008

Monday’s stormy mess – Mc Sloppiness

Yeah Monday isn’t expected to see any real improvements over what we had over the weekend.

W-WNW winds are expected to be blowing right through the dawn patrol and then strengthen up into the 15-25 knot range by the afternoon. Our surf is mostly SW windswell and water quality is definitely poor…particularly near river mouths, storm drains, and harbors.

Basically even if winds lay waaaay down tonight it will still have a bit of a fugly bump to it tomorrow just due to the nature of the swell. Your best bet is to stay in bed, or go to the gym, or stare at the wall. Though if you have to surf for some reason…definitely check the cams in the morning, and try to focus on spots that will have some protection from the wind.

Unfortunately it looks like conditions will stay a little sloppy through at least Wednesday…but there is a chance at some clean-up (and a new longer-period swell mix) later this week.

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