Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wednesday’s Waves – More wind…but expect cleaner conditions later this week!

NW winds are expected to pick up on Wednesday. Conditions are forecast to be pretty blown out most of the day. This being said sometimes, if it gets really cold overnight, we can see the winds stall a little bit before developing. This is expected to happen tonight so there may be a little surfable pocket for the dawn patrol.

Surfwise it will be about waist-chest high at the average spots while the best W facing breaks and a few of the better combo spots in all regions see some shoulder high sets. Wave shape won’t be great…it will definitely feel very windswelly…but there may be a few fun dumpy corners on some of the better sandbars.

Again I would check the cameras in the morning…if the wind is blowing then just stay home and click on the google ads at your favorite blog site. (Psst…they are over on the right hand side…hahahaha…sorry couldn’t resist). If your spots look clean then it will probably be worth a check…don’t drive very far though. San Diego will be the biggest overall but each region will have spots with similar sizes.

Thursday is looking much cleaner at this point…good chance at a small combo swell mix to go with the improvement in weather as well. Check back tomorrow I will give you a better update.

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