Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Possum Deathmatch!

Sorry about this randomness on the surf blog...but this is a funny enough story I thought I would share.

So this morning Zeke (my 120lb dog) and I proceeded to have a Man (with shovel) vs. Dog vs. Possum deathmatch.

Since I am writing this blog you can assume that Zeke and I won…though it was touch and go for a while.

In round 1

I tried to tackle the possum by myself. I learned a couple of things.

1. Large 25-30lb possums with sharp teeth and claws should not be deathmatched when you are only wearing boardshorts and sandals.

2. Large Possums are not afraid of humans with shovels.

I like to think that round one ended in a tie…I retired to my corner in the house and the possum hid in a bigger plant.

Round 2

I incorrectly assumed that the possum had left the yard. Zeke was quick to point out my mistake. I learned a couple of more things.

1. Large possums are very much afraid of much larger dogs.

2. Large possums, playing dead, will wake up when poked with a shovel despite the presence of a large dog close by.

3. Large possums are capable of moving very fast when awake. (there was a point when a very not-playing dead possum scrambled up my shovel as Zeke tried to bite him).

4. I can still jump pretty far

5. The correct combination of dog and shovel should be used in subduing large possums.

6. Using the shovel to throw a now “playing” dead possum is harder than you would think it would be.

7. The correct amount of tries to get a possum over the high part of the fence is 3

We definitely won the 2nd round…the possum was ejected from the yard and both dog and man were unbitten and unscratched. The next person that encounters that possum will be bummed because I think he is super pissed off.


JS said...

LOL!! Thanks for the laugh...good

Anonymous said...

very funny. i once had to fight a possum INSIDE my house. corralled it out using hockey sticks. love the blog, keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

why the hell are you attacking a possum? seriously, what threat did it pose to you? reminds me of my girlfriend killings spiders because they're "yucky".


Adam Wright said...

I would like to point out 2 things to this story before someone gets the wrong idea.

1. My dog started the is his yard, he found the possum, I was tagged-in in order to prevent serious harm to either animal.

2. The possum, while distressed by the dog, and my clumsy attempts to eject him from the yard, was generally unharmed. So the title of the post "deathmatch" may have been a little um overkill.

Yong Jung said...

never knew, animals could play dead... smart!!