Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tropical Update – Tropical Storm Norbet – Lamest storm name ever!

Seriously since when do they name storms after bad Eddy Murphy movies?

Anyway TS Norbert spun up on Saturday and looks like it has a good shot at becoming a hurricane on Monday. Unfortunately it is not in our swell window…and current forecasts have it falling apart before it can get into position to send us much surf.

Here is the current NHC track…you can see that this storm will be well positioned to send waves to Baja Sur…particularly Cabo and the East Cape for the next few days.

At this point Cabo should start seeing some surf by late Monday evening but the majority of the energy will arrive late Tuesday and into Wednesday/Thursday. A lot depends on how the storm actually moves but it looks like well-overhead S-SE swell will be on tap for the exposed areas in Baja Sur for most of the second half of the upcoming week.

Hopefully this one can make it to our swell window…I will keep you updated if I see any big changes.

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