Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday's Waves (Update) - Afternoon Session anyone?

Looks like we are going to get a chance at an afternoon/evening session today.

The swell combo is hitting pretty good in the exposed areas this afternoon and winds are still pretty light. I actually pulled a lunch session at one of the "average" beach breaks in N. OC and it was pretty darn fun. Getting a bit drained as the tide started to drop out but it was throwing some square little barrels on the inside.

We hit the low tide around 4pm and right now the winds look like should stay fairly light through the end of the day. So by quitting time we should have the tide starting to slowly push back in and a nice combo swell in the water. Points and reefs will probably have the best shape (the SSW swell seems a little overpowering if you have a spot that is exposed to it) but the combo beach breaks will be fun as well. Here is a shot at the winds at 3pm from the COAMPs observations...if winds aren't too strong by now they should stay manageable.

If you can get off work early I would try and check it. I know I am going to try and sneak another surf in.


theROOSTER said...

where? :P just kidding.... think Bolsa might be nice tonight?

hey, what was the water like this afternoon? you into a full 3/2 these days in HB area, or a 4/3?

pix0r said...
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pix0r said...

thanks for giving me an excuse to go check it out.. was gone last weekend and haven't been in the water in a week!

Danimal said...

First rule about talking about Bolsa.

Sean G. said...

Yup 18th street HB. Very clean conditions. Super fun. The Cliffs looked a lot bigger though. Thanks Adam appreciate the forecast. Can't forget the Space Balls joke.