Monday, October 6, 2008

Surf for Tuesday - yeah it is going to be good again

Tuesday will be a surf day...not as big as Monday but still really fun almost everywhere that is exposed to the swell mix.

In the water we are going to have a mix of overlapping SSW swells, slowly fading tropical S-SSW swell from Marie, dropping WNW energy from the North Pacific, and some local windswell.

Most of the decent spots throughout SoCal will be in the chest-shoulder high range, the better combo breaks will have head high sets, and the top S facing spots and excellent combo breaks (mostly in SD and OC) will have some overhead sets still mixing in at times.

Conditions look good for the morning, mostly light and variable to light-offshore winds for all areas. W winds pick up to about 10-12 knots at the more exposed beaches but may not get as strong in the more protected areas.

Monday was a pretty damn good surf day for many areas...and while the swell mix isn't exactly the same as what we saw today it will be very if you managed to get in the water and score somewhere you should check that spot again tomorrow. The combo spots will definitely be a good call tomorrow...the beach breaks (if they have decent sand) will pull in some a-frames. Points and Reefs will be fun but may be a bit more broken up than you would normally expect. With the light winds and still healthy swell I think you can get up and go to the beach without looking at a computer will probably even be worth driving a little further to pick off a few if you are further from an exposed beach.

Check out the CDIP from this afternoon…looks like it will be pretty similar tomorrow.

Tides for Tuesday

07:29AM 3.6' High
10:19AM 3.6' Low
03:42PM 4.2' High
11:55PM 0.8' Low

P.S. I still can't believe that I sent out an email inviting 400 people to lunch earlier today. See what fun stuff you get if you sign up for the blog email list! (Maybe next time I will send out my grocery list or something...Doh!).


Stephen said...

You have done one or two posts on minor ding repair, and I have a question about some major ding repair. Yesterday I snapped my stick doing a floater at blacks, and I am a poor student/father of two with no hopes of getting a new board before the winter is over. I know in Hawaii they repair snapped boards could you give me any leads, or lead me to someone who might be able to give me some direction of how to get my stick rideable again? I have some backup boards so that I can keep riding for, but they are all single finners.

Anonymous said...

Reinforce the stringers by adding your own wood on both sides of the stringer (about a foot in each direction), fill the holes along the cracked edges and glass the hell out of it...

Your board will not ride the same and might be a little heavier, but it should hold you until you can get another...

Anonymous said...

Here are some links for you:

Go to to get your supplies, Brad is a great guy and will take care of you...

Anonymous said...

Try again:

Anonymous said...

didn't work... put the two lines together: