Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thursday's Surf - Looking fun

Thursday is looking like a surf day. (even Wednesday ended up being more of a surf day than I anticipated and it looks like it should be at least bigger, if not better tomorrow).

We are going to see a mix of overlapping S-SW swells (190-205), local windswell, and some new WNW energy (290-300) from the NPAC.

Average spots throughout SoCal will be in the waist high range with some chest high sets on the lower tides.

Better S-SW facing spots will be in the chest-shoulder high range on sets.

Standout S-SW facing breaks as well the top combo swell spots, mostly in Orange County and San Diego, will have surf in the chest-head high range.

Conditions look pretty good...mostly light and variable with some pockets of light offshore flow in some of the areas with passes or canyons. Check out the wind-model for tomorrow morning.

I am going to get up and go surfing tomorrow morning. I don't expect it to be "great" but I do think it will be fun...and my new quad really needs to have some fun-size clean conditions to get broken in. I think the morning will be the best call...the winds are light, the tides have finally evened out a bit, and the swell mix will be in the water. I don't think it will be worth driving a ton to get waves, just not enough size to make spots really click, but if you have to burn a little extra gas to get to the beach Thursday will be decent call...particularly since it looks like weather starts to crap out on us Friday and Saturday.

Here are the tides for Thursday.

04:35AM 1.9' Low
10:45AM 5.5' High
06:02PM 0.5' Low

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todd said...

fun time this morning. Thanks for report.