Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thursday's Surf - still some fun ones out there

Thursday will be yet another surf day

Seriously how good has it been at the combo spots the last few days? Man I love Fall...I even put "I (heart) Fall" on my license plate frame. Well no, not really that would be weird. I actually have "my other car is a GOES Satellite with enhanced infrared imaging" which is waaaay more normal. Anyway enough about how cool I am...

This lovely little swell mix that we have had for the last couple of days will continue to push some waves into Thursday but will start to wind down just a touch. Mostly the SSW swell will drop off slowly while we get another small pulse of WNW swell to prop up the energy coming out of the North Pacific.

Most spots will see surf consistently in the waist high range, with some inconsistent chest high sets.

The standout combo breaks, mostly through Southern Ventura, The South Bay, Orange County and San Diego, will have surf more consistently in the chest high range with some shoulder high (and maybe even some shoulder high+ sets).

Winds look good again (they get a little funkier Friday and Saturday so enjoy them). Expect mostly light and variable, with a touch of onshore bump for Santa Barbara. Here check out the map.

Onshore winds build in through the afternoon...topping out around 12-15 knots out of the W around mid-afternoon.

I would probably plan on hitting up the combo beach breaks tomorrow. I think there will be plenty of waves spread out along the beaches so you might be able to find a peak for you and your friends. Points and Reefs will be a bit crossed up...still fun but not as lined up as you would get on a "pure" swell. I would try to get on it in the morning...the winds start to shift around pretty early Thursday and could junk things up for the afternoon.

Random Heads Up...I am seeing some signs of Santa Ana type conditions setting up later in the weekend (Sunday night into Monday). This is still a few days but if it can combo up with some tropical swell and some WNW energy we could have a fun couple of days next week. I will keep you posted as we get closer.


Anonymous said...

oh shit! its a Cat 4 now and your surf forcast is way off from surfline., their calling for 5 - 7 with occ 10'for the good spots and top spots are expecting double overhead + um...wedge? point anyone?

Pezman said...

Looks like Norbit is going to have an eyewall replacement soon, temporarily weakening the storm for a few hours. Lets hope it can maintain its slow moving WNW track for just another 24 hours and we will be seeing some sweet fetch headed our way....

While this wont be another Linda or Guillermo beasty, it does have some sweet potential if it maintains its strength.