Friday, October 3, 2008

Tropical Alert - Update - Hurricane Marie

Marie is now off the fence and is working hard to become a pretty decent little swell-maker.

Over the last 24-hours she has intensified into a CAT-1 hurricane and has held nearly stationary due south of SoCal, which is great for producing surf.

Check out the Sat photo of the EPAC...

Here is her NHC forecast track...they are still calling for some slight WNW movement (which is also good for swell production).

At last forecast I was calling for waist-chest high waves from with these changes I think we are going to see a bit more size from her. At this point I think we will see chest-shoulder high+ surf at the average S facing spots and some head high+ sets at the top S facing standouts (mostly in OC). Add in that we will have plenty of energy from the WNW, the SSW out of the Southern Hemi, and local windswell and we are going to see a lot of surf early next week. Timing wise I am still looking for about the same arrival times...some initial energy from Marie arriving on Saturday afternoon and the peak hitting Sunday/Monday.

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Trestles for sure!