Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wednesday's Waves - A little smaller but still fun. Now with extra chicken!

Wednesday will be a surf day...our waves will be fading but conditions and weather will continue to be pretty darn good.

Our mix of SSW swell, remnants of our tropical S swell, and the backing down WNW energy will all fade out a little more as we move into Wednesday.

Average spots will drop down into the waist high range...with some rare chest high sets.

Top breaks, mostly the S-facing standouts will be in the shoulder high range...(maybe even some plus sets through the morning but then tapering off to the chest-shoulder high range by the afternoon. )

Conditions will continue to be very nice...light and variable to light-offshore winds and sunny skies through the morning. Onshore winds come up around 10-12 knots at the more exposed areas.

Here is the COAMPS wind model for the morning...looks nice and offshore for many areas...nothing super strong but definitely clean.

I would probably stick with the combo beach breaks tomorrow...or maybe a point/reef with some good S exposure (but if you have to surf a point/reef try and stick with them in the OC/SD areas rather than spots further north...they are going to be a bit sheltered from the swell mix). It will be cleanest in the morning and to about lunchtime then it will get progressively choppier as we head into the afternoon. It won't be as big as the last couple of days so you might try and bust out some of the mid-size wave gear as well.

Here are the Tides for Wednesday.

07:12AM 3.8' High
11:51AM 3.2' Low
05:07PM 4.3' High

On a different note I don’t know how many of you check out my good buddy Charlie Fox's video forecast on wavewatch.com but this Monday's update was classic...listen for the rooster in the background. You have to give Charlie props...he handles it like a pro (I think you see him start to crack a smile a couple of times).

Check it out...hopefully it will stay up for a couple of days...


Awesome...if I were Charlie I would probably be eating that chicken in the next forecast.


todd said...

Funny, hell the rooster does it through the whole forecast

John at VC said...

Man! That is hilarious!!! I was laughing my ass off!