Monday, October 27, 2008

Tuesday's Surf - Where'd who go!

Tuesday will probably be rideable but I don't think it will be much of a surf day. The swell mix is dropping, there is a 6' high tide in the morning, and it looks like that brutal fog bank is going to be back tomorrow as well.

Our surf will be a mix of dropping SW swell (190-200), some weak NW energy (295-300+) and some weak local windswell. Most spots will be around knee-waist high. Standout SW spots and the good combo breaks, mostly throughout San Diego, will have some chest-chest high+ sets on the lower tides.

Winds look OK for the morning, mostly light and under 10-knots, unfortunately there will be some breeze associated with the fog which will keep things textured and a touch sloppy at the more exposed breaks. Look for the fog to move out and onshore winds to build in around 10-15 knots out of the NW during the later afternoon.

As you can tell I am not super excited about the surf tomorrow. Something about trying to power through the chilly fog to surf a fading swell, during a 6'+ high tide, with semi-textured conditions isn't all that appealing...especially since I just tore a nice hole in my wetsuit. (Can you say giant man in a little wetsuit?). Personally I think I am going to surf my pillow through the morning but I will probably keep an eye on the cameras...maybe we will get a little window of semi-clear visibility before the winds get on it.

Tides for Tuesday

02:46AM 1.5' Low
08:52AM 6.0' High
03:54PM -0.2' Low
09:58PM 4.0' High


er said...

These are the days you just suck it up, and come to terms that it's 'not' a surf day ;-)

Eric said...

ok I'm read for winter!! Bring it!

Anonymous said...

few fish worthy lines in o'side; nothing special