Friday, April 25, 2008

Weekend Wave's: Fun in the sun

While the surf won't be stellar this weekend it does look like we can have some fun...particularly since the weather is supposed to be extra nice along the coast. (which means that people in the Inland Empire will be spontaneously bursting into flames when they walk outside).

Surfwise we are going to see a slight increase in wave heights as a mix of small WNW energy and slowly building S-SW swell move in and help out the surf.

On average most spots will hold around the knee-waist high range for both days...but a few of the standout combo spots, mostly in San Diego, will have some inconsistent chest high sets. These waves will actually get a little more consistent with just a touch more size as the swell mix strengthens into Sunday.

Winds look clean for both mornings...mostly light offshore to light and variable. Afternoon winds come in out of the W around 10-15 knots.

Like I said the surf won't be super exciting this weekend but it will have a few playful waves at the better breaks. Personally I think it will be an excellent weekend for beginner surfers...the surf will be mellow and still uncrowded enough that they can get a few waves without getting in each others way. Being a bigger guy I will probably stick to the longboard this weekend but if, on Sunday, I see a few more chest high sets sneaking through I might try to get a little session with my fish...I will probably pack both in the truck. Besides with weather in the upper-70s to low-80's along the beach it will be worth spending some time at the coast.


Gnarlzilla said...

so sunday morn will look better than sat? will LA see any action? el porto was balls this morning even though surfline reported 2-3 and fair, what a crock.

Adam Wright said...

yeah El Porto and North South Bay spots will be ok...not great but more fun than the last couple of days. Probably around waist high+ on the tide push...maybe a bigger set or two on the good sandbars.

Yong Jung Shin said...

surfing in the weekend = 30 min to look for parking spot = bad idea.

Especially how hot it is sat and sun is!!!