Thursday, April 3, 2008

Friday's Surf - Now with a little more Fun!

Friday will be a surf day…but yet once again we are going to have to work around high tide that hits right around mid-morning.

We will have a mix of S-SW swells and some WNW energy. Most spots will be in the waist-chest high range in the morning (before they get swamped out by the tide). Standout breaks, mostly the better S facing spots, will have some shoulder high+ sets before the mush-burgers set in.

Expect things to be a little slow through mid-morning…but then start to pick back up again as the tide starts dropping around lunchtime.

Winds should be light through the morning…mostly clean conditions for everywhere. Look for light/moderate onshore winds by the afternoon.
Your best bet for waves is to hit up the better S facing areas…Santa Barbara and Ventura surf will be on the small side. It will be rideable up in those regions on the lower tides but in general it will be pretty weak. The biggest surf will be in San Diego, from La Jolla northward, and in South Orange County…expect more of the shoulder high+ sets to hit in those areas. Try to plan your session around the tide…it is basically going to make or break the surf.

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