Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wednesday's Wind…uh I mean surf.

Wednesday is looking pretty windy. You might be able to surf at a very, very protected break but even those are looking suspect.

We will have a mix of NW swell, building W windswell, and some background SW swell. Most W facing breaks will see waist-shoulder high surf. Standout W facing breaks in San Diego, the LA South Bay, and Ventura will go head high and bigger but shape is going to be pretty wrecked.

Windwise we can expect W winds around 10-20 knots through the morning and gusts reaching 25 knots by the afternoon. It is looking pretty blown out at this point.

Personally I am not going to worry about trying to surf tomorrow…even the spots that might be rideable won’t be very good and the thought of a lot of wind is already making my surfer’s ear ache. I think we should all stay home in the morning and click the ads on my blog…ha…yeah that sounds fun.
Check back I will probably throw up a quick morning update…particularly if I see a little nugget worth surfing in the morning.


kaser_one said...
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kaser_one said...

nailed the wind forecast today, thanks adam.

i actually paddled out at newports most protected W wind spot that loves some windswell.

p.s. check my blog for this mornings' surf shots of my session