Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wednesday’s Surf: Leftovers again

Wednesday will be another surf day...and while it won’t be great it should be fun enough if you paddle out with the right mindset.

Surfwise we are going to have a mix of fading SW swell and some steady but smaller WNW windswell. In fact it will look a lot like today's CDIP wave model.

The average breaks will hold around knee-waist high. Standout spots, mostly the good combo breaks in San Diego and a few other combo spots spread throughout Southern California, will see some chest high sets. The windswell will be driving a lot of the shape and the consistency...so don’t expect a ton of push to the surf. If you look up at Santa Barbara you can see not much is making it past the tag-team of Point Conception to the north and the Channel Islands to the south...just a lot of dark blue loneliness.

Winds are expected to start off light and variable to light offshore for most areas. San Diego spots may be a touch more onshore rather than variable, but even there winds will remain light.

It won’t be worth spending time driving around looking for better surf, so if you see a couple of playful waves at your favorite spots just paddle out. The dawn patrol will be your best call...winds will be light and we will have enough playful swell in the water to make it worth heading out. About the only thing that you may want to watch out for is the low-morning tide...it is getting a bit drained out early...so make sure to pick spots that can handle less water.


Spencer said...

First off, I love this blog. However, on an unrelated note, if you wanted some criticism as far as the wave watch long term swell forecasts, i find the land view to be pretty vague. Only some of the off shore islands exist and the coast line resembles the coast about as much as that grilled cheese resembled the virgin mary. Don't get me wrong, i love wave watch and this blog, but i think that model could use some improvement.
Yours truly,

Adam Wright said...

Spencer...Thanks for the feedback. I will pass it on to the gang at Wavewatch.

On a personal note...I am right there with you and I feel your pain. Those models were designed waaaay back in the day and after a few regime changes at wavewatch the redesign of the models has been put on the back burner. We are working on getting cleaner, higher resolution models but it will take a while why we try and fix all the leaky holes.

I love that you worked the grilled cheese/virgin mary into your comment...I am all about random references but I that is a thing of beauty. My hat is off to you sir!