Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Random Tuesday Morning Update: Looks surfable but it won’t last long

I was up checking the surf this morning and thought I would throw out a little morning update.

It does look sort of semi-surfable this morning…well if you don’t mind surfing fat windswelly waves that have a bit of variable onshore texture.

It is definitely not the cleanest or best shaped surf I have ever seen but there are a few rideable peaks throughout all of SoCal…and the winds are still light enough that they haven’t jacked anything up.

Right now San Diego is reporting surf in the knee-waist high range pretty consistently…with some chest high+ sets sneaking through at the top breaks.

Orange County is a touch smaller…more in the knee-waist high+ range at the top spots.

Los Angeles is running with similar sizes…knee-chest high through the top spots in the South Bay. North LA is more in the knee to occasional waist high, tide swamped, but pretty clean as you get close to the Malibu/Dume areas.

Ventura is a bit sloppier…winds are more onshore here than in other spots. Surf is about knee-chest high with a lot of windswell influence. Sort of stacked up windswelly lines with the onshore texture to go with it.

Santa Barbara is a bit cleaner but smaller since it is less exposed to both swells. Look for mostly knee high+ surf through that area.

Finally here is the current morning wind analysis…you can see where the texture/winds will be developing over the next few hours.

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