Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wednesday’s Surf – A little smaller but much cleaner.

Wednesday will be a decent surf day…quite a bit better than the nasty eddy-slop we had on Tuesday.

Our swell mix of WNW wind/groundswell and S-SW energy will actually be fading out slowly but we should still have some playful sizes on the tide-push. Look for average spots to see knee-waist high+ waves. Standout breaks, mostly in San Diego, Ventura, and the South Bay, will have shoulder high sets on the lower tides.

Like I said in the title winds are looking a lot better. The eddy will still be out there but forecasts are showing it settling a little more to the SW than it is currently located. It looks like Santa Barbara, Ventura, LA, and North OC will have mostly light-variable to light offshore winds in the morning. San Diego still gets a bit of the eddy with winds coming out of the S-SE but generally staying below 5-8 knots in the morning. Expect onshore winds in the afternoon out of the NW around 10-15+ knots.

We have still got a pretty high tide rolling through right around 7-7:30am…which will keep things on the soft side early. Look for better shape and more consistent surf as it drops through mid-morning. The best size will come off the tide push as it moves past the low tide.

You should be able to find at least a few fun waves tomorrow…there will be enough leftover combo energy that all but the most protected areas will have some surf. Santa Barbara may be one of the few regions that has trouble getting surf…if you are up in that area make sure to check those more exposed beach breaks…the points/reefs may be a bit underexposed for much to show. Most areas are going to be pretty similar…there really aren’t any “best” spots for tomorrow. San Diego will be the biggest but will have some issues with the southerly winds. The other areas will be cleaner but the surf will be a touch smaller.

Really your best bet is to check the surf cams tomorrow and see what your local break looks like and if you can dig it, head down to the beach. If possible try to wait out the high tide in the morning…it will be pretty boggy most of the morning.

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