Friday, April 4, 2008

Random Friday Morning Surf Report: Stay in bed

Hey gang the dawn patrol isn't looking very fun this morning.

There are a few rideable waves but there is a touch of morning sickness to it and the tide is already starting to mush it out. Wave heights are generally in the knee-waist high range through Ventura, then jump up to about waist-chest high+ through most of North LA and the South Bay.

OC is holding around waist-chest high+ with some very inconsistent bigger sets lurking around out there at times. San Diego is about the same but it has a little more onshore texture and is a touch more consistent thanks to the windswell hitting just a little better down there.

If you absolutely have to surf make sure to check the better high tide spots and try and shine areas that need a low tide to work.

Really, if you can hold off, try and surf on the other side of the high may be a bit bumpier from the wind but size and consistency will be a lot better.

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