Sunday, April 13, 2008

Monday’s Surf – A little more size

Man how sweet was the weather along the coast this weekend? (It probably sucked inland…but hey at least it was a dry heat).

Monday will be a surf day…not a huge surf day but still pretty fun at times.

In the water we will have a mix of S-SW swell (180-210), local WNW windswell, and some new WNW energy (290-300).

Most spots will be in the waist-chest high range. Standout breaks, mostly the good SW facing spots, and more exposed combo breaks will be closer to shoulder high on the sets…maybe even a touch bigger on the tide push.

Winds will be light and variable in the morning with some building NW flow around 10-12 knots by the afternoon.

Looks like the best surf will be in the San Diego and Orange County areas…mostly due to the SW swell in the mix and that they have a little more exposure to the W energy. The northern South Bay, and Southern Ventura should be ok as well but not as consistent in the morning, they should get a bit better in the afternoon as the new WNW swell fills in more. Expect the surf to be similar to Sunday…maybe a bit more consistent at the standouts…and a touch less tide-drained during the dawn patrol.

I think it will be worth checking in the morning…expect to sit around a little bit between sets at times. If you have all day to surf then I would probably check it early…surf if it is good…then maybe get some bacon McMuffin’s (hmmmm)…then surf again after the low tide starts to push back in. (Please note that if you get to do this I will hate you forever…seriously for-ev-er!).

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