Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shark Attack! – Ixtapa, Mainland Mexico

Please don’t take this the wrong way…first and foremost my heart goes out to this surfers family and friends. I am a father, brother, and family man first and foremost so this is not me being flippant…

…but seriously you have to be f-ing kidding me!...two fatal shark attacks within a week! This is a freaking nightmare.

If you are reading this for the first time here are the details…according to news reports another surfer, Adrian Ruiz from San Francisco, died from wounds suffered during a shark attack. The attack occurred along the coast of Mainland Mexico…close to the Ixtapa area…specifically 45 minutes west at an area called Troncones beach.

Here are links to the stories if you need more details…

This is part of the story on MSNBC


Here is the link to the story on Surfline



John said...

Adam, this is too freaky. Terrible news for sure. I'm going down to Troncones in a few weeks and one of the guys I'm going with is from the Solana Beach area. I also surf Boxcars/Dog Beach quite a bit, where the "alleged attack" occurred earlier in March. I know we're guaranteed nothing when we enter the water but sometime I wonder if we're "connecting the dots" too much or maybe not enough?

Adam Wright said...

damn man...that does sort of sounds like the unlucky trifecta.

Of course it could swing back the other way too...hmmmm maybe you should buy some lotto tickets before you go.