Sunday, April 27, 2008

Monday’s Surf – Starting the week off slow

Monday looks pretty similar to Sunday. Mostly small but playful surf with some decent beach weather (but cooling off just a bit).

Look for a mix of WNW energy and some background SW swell. Most spots will continue to hold around knee high+ while the standout combo spots, mostly through San Diego and a few select spots in the other areas, will have some waist to chest high surf.

Winds will be light and variable through the morning with light onshore flow out of the W around 10 knots for the afternoon.

Again it looks like a mostly longboard day…unless you are lucky enough to live close to some of the top San Diego surf spots. Those best breaks may have a bit more punch to them…might be able to get your fish or small wave board out and pick off a few.

Don’t spend a ton of time looking for waves…unless you have the day off and driving around from beach to beach is how you like to spend your time…because there would likely be a lot of that. There just won’t be a ton to find out there. Best bet is to just get a few longboard waves at your local spot and call it a morning.

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