Friday, April 4, 2008

I just fell through a time machine…and I am So Stoked!

So I was poking around on the inter-web…the usual after I have put the family to bed. Basically looking at the dry websites that I pull forecasting information from, reading email, responding to comments and stuff like that.

Well every once in a while I get a wild hair and will shoot off on some random link string, following a weird path that usually starts by checking out some of you extremely cool people that come to read my blog and leave comments (and have your own blogs).

On a side note…you guys, on the whole, are some incredibly talented people, I mean I like to think that I have got this forecasting thing down (which has its uses), but by hunting around on your blogs I have seen beautiful photography, art, carpentry, athleticism, and more, that just amazes me…anyway I just wanted to give a shout out to you all keep up the great work…ok back to the story.

So in my aimless clicking I spot something really familiar in a post on a blog called Ebb and Flow

It is a youtube clip of this animated movie called “Pure Joy”…and it says that the artist is from Humboldt County. My curiosity was piqued. Well within about 2 seconds of starting the video see this little image…

And I recognize the artist. (who’s name is Matt Beard).

And Instantly I am back in college in Humboldt County…sitting on the deck of our beach house in Trinidad, drinking a cold beer, eating ripe blackberries from the bushes in our yard, listening to the surf, and watching the sun sink slowly into the pacific. I was so incredibly stoked…

While I was living up in Humboldt I would see Matt’s art all over the Humboldt Surf Company’s store. His work always seemed to resonate with me for some reason…who knows why…but I had a couple of small prints, basically almost stickers, that they sold in the shop. Matt would also paint some of the murals on the shop windows and walls which gave it a ton of soul. (Kirk not Kurt!...sorry an old HSC joke)

Anyway over the years all the forecasting, saltwater, and closeness to a computer screen has eroded part of my memories away and I couldn’t recall Matt’s name…I even lost the prints over the course of the years as well. I could remember the art vividly but not who had made it…damn frustrating.

From time to time…as more and more people came online (and brought their art online as well)…I would make a half ass hunt for it…and was never successful.

So to find it out of the blue…was sort of like being dipped right back into the ice-cold Humboldt water.

Anyway…enough about my sappy feelings and other junk…check out this cool video that Matt put together

"Pure Joy"

It totally takes me back to surfing camel rock, college cove, the north jetty, and the lagoons…and reminds me of a few old junker magic single fins, (angel flight and the infinity) that we had kicking around the beach house.

Oh and if you get a moment check out Matt’s website…it has a ton of cool stuff on it


srfnff said...


What a GREAT vid! Definitely a stoker. Thanks for sharing that one...

Anonymous said...

That was unreal!!! I feel like I just got back from a great little surf session! Thanks for sharing it. ;O)

pranaglider said...

I was stoked to "discover" his stuff as well. His Plein Air work is great!