Sunday, April 6, 2008

Monday’s Surf – Sleep in…

Monday is not looking like much of a surf day.

Our swell mix of S-SW swell and WNW energy will be backing off…and the NW windswell is slipping past us due to its steep swell angle.

Wave heights on average will be around knee-waist high for most spots with exposure to at least one of the swells. Standout combo breaks, mostly through San Diego, will have a few chest high sets on the lower tides.

The wind is what is really going to put the nail in the coffin so to speak…the outer water NW winds are expected to stay strong overnight and continue to spin up the SoCal eddy as we head into Monday (in fact the eddy is forecast to stick around most of the week, which pretty much blows…uh so to speak). So for Monday morning we can expect S-SW winds for most of Orange County and San Diego and NW-WNW winds for most of Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Northern LA.

If you have to surf on Monday…make sure to bring your small wave gear and try and stick to spots that are protected from whatever winds that your region will have. I think the best surf will be in spots like the northern South Bay, around central Orange County, and down at select spots in La Jolla in San Diego. Those areas will be cleaner, than most but will still have the potential to pick up at least a few waves from the swell mix.


kaser_one said...

Dunno if your forecast helped the crowd situation this a.m., but it was a ghost town today.

Sheet glass in newport, waist to chest with some random HH sets rolling through. No combo, just all WNW made for some long rights at HQ.

Adam Wright said...

Yeah we got lucky on where the eddy set up...last night it was looking like it would be cleaner up in LA...not OC.

Glad you scored!