Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Random Morning Update – Tuesday is a bit fugly

So the eddy spun up last night and is anchored a bit more southward than normal. We have also see a decent bump up in WNW windswell to go along with the NW swell and the S-SW energy still in the water.

The biggest surf is showing at the best WNW combo spots, the purely S facing breaks are a bit smaller. The better exposed areas are running around waist-shoulder high with some stacked up sort of dumpy shape. The standouts mostly in San Diego, Ventura, and the South Bay are seeing sloppy head high sets.

The tide is still pretty high so try and pick a spot that likes a bit more water.

Winds are a bit screwy right now too…S-SW winds are showing through San Diego. S-SE winds are blowing through North OC, which is one of our cleanest areas this morning. The South Bay is seeing onshore W winds while North LA is more side-offshore. Ventura and Santa Barbara are seeing those lumpy N-NW winds through the area as well. Basically it isn’t very clean anywhere but North OC, but it isn’t blown out anywhere either.

Here is a little map that I threw together this morning. I basically overlaid the COAMPS on top of the CDIP wave model. It doesn’t look very clean but if you take a closer look you can see the modeled winds overlaying the swell projection…


23 Breaths said...

I like your use of "combo maps" helps to point out the obvious to us with thicker heads

Adam Wright said...

Hahaha thanks. I am the original thick head...I just know it is nice to see it in a picture...easier to wrap your head around it.