Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Now with even more bloggy forecasts!

Hey guys I have decided to add in a couple of extra forecast regions that I will cover throughout the week. They will have their own pages so I don’t pollute the pristine nature of the SoCal Forecast (translation: so it doesn’t get so cluttered that we can’t find anything)

So effective today I have started posting new forecasts for Baja Sur and Northern California.

You can find them here

Baja Sur

Northern California

And they are also on the side navigation ---->

Make sure to share these with your buddies that may live or surf these

**Before you ask what about Baja Norte? Right now I think that you can get a good read on Baja Norte from the SoCal forecast…the swell angles and timing are pretty much the same. I may add it in the future.

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Anonymous said...

damn adam, you're working overtime! thanks dude!