Sunday, April 20, 2008

Monday’s Surf – Morning Love

Monday will be a surf day…well at least the morning will start off that way.

We will have a mix of peaking/slowly-fading SW swell and some persistent (but smaller than the weekend) WNW windswell.

Average breaks will hold in the waist-chest high+ range while standout S facing breaks, good NW windswell areas, and the combo spots, see shoulder-high+ sets. Santa Barbara breaks will be smaller…mostly knee-waist high at the better w-facing breaks.

Winds look ok in the morning…particularly for the large area from Santa Barbara down through Northern San Diego. South SD is the only semi-problem in the whole bunch. Forecasts are calling for South San Diego to see light onshore winds…compared to the light-offshore winds that the other areas will have.

Winds pick up about mid-morning so look for plenty of onshore texture by lunchtime and even more on tap by the afternoon.

Really your best bet is to get on it early...the winds will be good and there will be enough swell leftover to grab a few fun ones. You shouldn’t have to hunt around too much either…there is enough windswell, and the SW swell is now south enough that we won’t see much island shadowing. Basically you will be able to find a couple of fun peaks close to home.

It feels like it is going to be pretty chilly for the dawn patrol, and now that my new wetsuit has a hole in it, I am going to probably do a morning “surf-cam-check” on the computer before really committing myself…likely, if the winds hold, I will paddle out and get a couple around mid-morning.

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