Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wednesday's Eddy - More stupid wind

Wednesday will be semi-surfable in the morning, particularly for parts of LA County and North Orange County. Other areas will have some wind issues.

We will have a mix of S-SW swell and WNW windswell showing through the morning. A new SW swell starts showing late in the day, basically right around sundown, with some extremely long-periods (22-second periods).

Surfwise the average spots will hold around waist high. The better combo breaks will be more consistently in the waist-chest high+ range. Standout spots in the South Bay, Southern Ventura, South Orange County, and most of San Diego will have surf in the chest-shoulder high range with a rare bigger set rolling through at times.

Winds will be the issue again...the eddy will continue to hold over SoCal through tomorrow morning, but it will anchor a bit closer to land (sort of over the South Bay), which is actually a lot better than having it further out to sea.

With the eddy close to land we can expect Santa Barbara through North LA to see NW winds in the 5-12 knot range with the winds lightening up the closer you get to Santa Monica. The South Bay through North Orange County will have variable winds below 5-knots. Then as you move down the coast, Southern Orange County and San Diego will have S winds around 10-knots.

All spots will have W winds around 10-15 knots by the afternoon with the breeziest winds showing through the northern regions.

Again it won't be worth spending a lot of time hunting around for surf tomorrow...if you happen to live close to a cleaner spot you should check the cam in the morning, or ride your beach cruiser down the beach (you lucky bastard). If you have to drive too far it is sort of going to be a roll-of-the-dice conditionswise...so it may not be worth it unless you are really surf-stoked.

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