Thursday, April 24, 2008

Friday's Surf: I wish the weekend would get here already

Sorry about all the random posts today...for some reason I am quite bloggy. I will warn you that I will probably post one more this evening because there is a pretty good looking SW swell lining up for Baja, Mainland Mex, and Central America next week.

Anyway on to the surf.

Friday will have a few waves but overall it will be on the small side and probably better for longboarding than anything else.

We will have a mix of small WNW windswell energy and some weak SW swell. Again most spots will hold around knee high...maybe knee high+ on the sets. Standout combo spots, mostly through Orange County and San Diego will have surf in the waist-high+ range.

It will be clean in the morning with winds starting off light and variable. Eventually the winds will turn onshore out of the W-NW around 10-15 knots during the afternoon.

Your best bet is to break out the log...find some cold water wax and work on your nose-riding. There won't be a lot of push to the surf but a few of the beach breaks with decent sandbars should have a faster section or two. I would try and surf early...the lighter winds will definitely help shape...once the bounce gets to it in the afternoon it will be pretty ugly.

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