Monday, April 28, 2008

Tuesday's Surf - Going to get hit with the ugly stick

Tuesday may have a small pocket of surfiness in the morning but it looks like the afternoon will be pretty sloppy.

In the water we will have a mix of small WNW leftovers, a weak SW swell, and some building local NW windswell.

Most spots will have surf in the knee-waist high range...with a few inconsistent chest high sets sneaking through on the tide push.

Standout breaks, mostly in San Diego and the LA South bay, will have waist-chest high surf with a few bigger waves in the afternoon as the windswell builds in.

Weather will really be the issue tomorrow...winds in the outer waters are going to try and start the eddy but with the low anchored a bit further out toward San Clemente island than usual.

The result is that OC and San Diego will have light/variable onshore winds through the morning while Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles, will all see stronger W-NW winds around 10 knots through the morning. All areas will have W winds around 10-15+ knots by the afternoon.

Here check out this chart...

You can sort of see how it is going to break down.

Really your best bet is going to be a cam-check in the morning. There may be a pocket of clean conditions forming during the you shouldn't totally write off the chance of getting a few waves. It won't be worth driving very far but you might be able to find a couple of surfable peaks at your local top spots. So keep the small-wave boards dusted off...and make sure to make a cam check in the morning before jamming down to the beach.

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