Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Random Morning Update: Wednesday at 6:30am

Onshore winds are building across SoCal this morning and it is looking pretty junky for most spots.

There are a couple of weird pockets of cleanliness that are holding on this morning…they aren’t really that good looking surfwise but they have less wind than other areas.

The Malibu area is ok…it is seeing a little protection from Point Dume and the nearby hills this morning. There is not much surf there but it is probably longboardable if you are desperate.

North OC is also seeing a little bubble of wind protection from Palos Verdes…it isn’t going to last long…and the surf isn’t looking great…but it has less wind than other areas. Waves are running around chest-head high in HB and a little smaller through Newport…but it still looks like sloppy stacked up windswell despite the lack of winds. I expect this area to blow out pretty fast but if you are close you might be able to ride a couple of OK sections near the HB pier or the Newport jetties.

Expect stronger W winds around 10-25 knots this afternoon...looks like it is going to get pretty sloppy by the end of the day.

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