Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Waves for Wednesday – on the weak side but with a new pulse of tropical SE swell

Wednesday will have some small, semi-rideable, surf…but if your break doesn’t have really good exposure to the swell mix you can expect some long waits between sets…and weak surf even when it does show.

In the water we will have a mix of fading local NW windswell, some small inconsistent SW swell (190-220), and some new tropical SE swell (155-165) coming from Tropical Storm Blas. Unfortunately these sort of swells don’t blend very well…the NW energy is a bit too steep so it doesn’t show at spots that have exposure to the tropical swell, and to top it off the SW’er is pretty inconsistent so it won’t help to fill in the gaps left by the other swells.

Most spots are going to average around knee-waist high on Wednesday, while the better S facing spots that can pull in some of the tropical SE swell and the SW swell will be more in the waist high range with some inconsistent chest high sets on the lower tides. The standout S facing spots and the best combo breaks (either combining the SW/NW or the SW/SE), most of which will be in Orange County, will run in the waist-chest high range with some inconsistent chest-to-almost-shoulder high sets sneaking in on the low-to-high tide push.

Winds look decent for the morning…mostly light and variable with a couple of weak pockets of variable onshore flow and light texture. Those winds turn onshore around mid-morning and build into the 10-15 knot range out of the W-WNW by the afternoon.

So again nothing super exciting on tap for Wednesday…but if your beach is well exposed it will probably be fun to break out the big boards. It is worth noting that I am being a bit conservative on the tropical swell from TS Blas...mostly because the swell angle is pretty steep from the SE, which doesn’t let many spots pick it up…but there is a chance that it will come in bigger than I have in the forecast. If you live close to a SE exposed beach it might be worth adding it to the list of breaks that you check…particularly if the swell looks a little peppier on the buoys.

Here are the tides…

06/23/2010 Wednesday
02:28AM LDT -0.6 L
08:49AM LDT 3.4 H
01:20PM LDT 2.1 L
07:38PM LDT 6.0 H

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