Monday, June 28, 2010

Well that isn’t good…Tropical Storm Alex intensifies in the Gulf of Mexico

Things are not looking all that great, (even less great than a catastrophic oil spill normally would be), for the Gulf Oil Spill this week…Tropical Storm Alex, who formed down by the Yucatan Peninsula over the weekend is now working her way up into the Gulf proper. She is expected to intensify over the next 24 hours, likely becoming a hurricane by Tuesday.

While her track is forecast to swing her over into the Mexico/Texas border…there is a slim chance that her influence could be felt over by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Well and the spill areas.

There will probably be some swell pushed toward Louisiana from Alex, as it intensifies into a Hurricane…exactly how much will depend on how strong the storm becomes, and how fast it moves.

In any case even a small swell moving through the spill (and pushing it further up the affected beaches) isn’t going to help clean up. Let’s cross our fingers that it doesn’t spend a lot of time generating waves for the region.

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