Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Waves for Wednesday – Overlapping Southern Hemi swells and onshore texture

Wednesday will be surfable…but we will continue to have the onshore wind tweaking the shape at the more exposed areas.

Swellwise our S-SW and tropical S-SE swells from earlier in the week will continue to slowly fade, but at the same time we have another round of S swell (180-190) coming in from the Southern Hemi that will help to keep the surf from dropping very much.

The average S facing spots will be in the waist to chest high range with some shoulder high+ sets showing on the tide push. The standout S facing breaks, mostly the top breaks in Orange County, will have shoulder-head high surf and a few inconsistent head high+ sets that will sneak through on those better tides. Overall the sets will be less consistent than the last couple of days…but they should still be decent when they show.

Winds don’t look great…the models are calling for some variable onshore flow for the morning. It actually looks cleanest through Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles...winds in those areas will be below 5-6 knots and sort of shifty in direction. Orange County and San Diego can expect W-NW winds around 5-8 knots…possibly a touch lighter first thing in the morning, but pushing stronger onshore by midmorning and junking things up fairly fast. Look for W-WNW winds 12-18 knots for the afternoon.

It seems like we can’t get much of a break from these winds…sure there are some protected spots…but it would be nice to have a wider selection of breaks to pick from. Anyhoo…like I mentioned it will be surfable on Wednesday…just not all that clean…so if you can stand some bump or have a spot with some wind-protection it will be worth checking at least. I think the early morning will probably have the best shape, but you will want to stick to spots that can handle a lower tide…or some wind blockage.

Here are the tides…

06/30/2010 Wednesday
06:38AM LDT 0.0 L
01:11PM LDT 3.8 H
06:15PM LDT 2.4 L
11:53PM LDT 4.6 H


Anonymous said...

nw winds in oc this time of year? thats unheard of i bet ed spins up

Anonymous said...

the super low tide just funks it all up now.

Anonymous said...

Great cold water on its way, thanks out of season winds. When are people gunna start saying ''global cooling'' ? i might actually buy into it then