Thursday, June 17, 2010

Friday’s Surf – Looking cleaner in the morning

Friday morning is now looking a lot more surfable than it was earlier today…there still won’t be a lot of swell but the winds are looking lighter for the dawn patrol.

Swellwise we are going to see a mix of smaller overlapping SW swells (190-215) and some steady, but steeply angled NW windswell (290-300). Neither swell is looking all that big…but the really well exposed spots should have some rideable waves through the lower tides.

Most spots are going to see some knee-waist high softies…with some occasionally bigger sets showing the better SW facing breaks. The standout SW facing breaks and the top combo spots, mostly in Orange County and parts of San Diego, will have waist-chest surf with some occasional chest-shoulder high sets showing on the lower tides.

Winds look better that this morning (when I wrote the long-range forecast)…the eddy circulation is sort of stalling out tonight…our high-pressure isn’t breaking down as fast as the weather models thought they would, which is a bonus for us. Look for light and variable winds in the morning, with a touch of onshore texture for a few of the most exposed areas. LA County and Ventura look the cleanest…with just a touch of S-SE winds showing through Orange County and San Diego. Winds eventually build onshore out of the W-WNW around 10-15 knots peaking through the afternoon.

Overall it won’t be an outstanding surf day…there isn’t a ton of swell…and what we do have will either be inconsistent (the SW’ers) or have a steep NW angle (the windswell), which means the lesser exposed spots will be a bit frustrating while you wait for sets. The morning looks the cleanest…but you are going to want to keep in mind that the low tide hits right around 9am so if you can’t get on it early you are going to want to pick a spot that likes a little less water.

Here are the tides…

06/18/2010 Friday
01:57AM LDT 4.2 H
08:50AM LDT 0.3 L
03:40PM LDT 4.7 H
10:06PM LDT 1.6 L

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fun newport peaks this afternoon, soakin up the sun in boardies man i love summer