Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Surf for Thursday – Finally a cleaner morning

Thursday looks surfable…in fact it will be cleaner than we have seen over the last few days, (cleaner for all beaches…not just a few).

The swell will be dipping down which is kind of a drag…still there should be enough energy left over than we should be able to grab a few during the better parts of the tide swing. The SW swell (190-215) will continue to drop off on Thursday while the NW windswell slows down…sets are liable to be a bit inconsistent and the shape is probably going to be a bit soft as well.

We can expect most of the average SW facing spots and the good combo breaks to see surf in the waist high range…with still a few waist high+ sets through the morning. The standout SW breaks and excellent SW/NW combo spots, mostly through OC and select parts of San Diego, will have some inconsistent chest high sets with a few rare shoulder high waves slipping through as well.

Winds and weather are going to be nice…there may be a touch of fog in some areas early in the morning but we can expect it to burn off fast and sunny/warm beach conditions (and blazing hot inland conditions) to stay on tap for most of the day. Winds will be light and variable to light offshore for the morning and should stay light through about 10:30 or so. The onshore texture fills in around lunchtime and we can expect WNW winds in the 10-14 knot range by the late afternoon.

I wish the surf was going to be a little bigger tomorrow…inconsistent sets and softer shape isn’t all that appealing…on the other hand, the weather is going to warm up and we have a good shot at clean surf in the morning, which does sound nice. Personally I am going to bust out my small wave board, maybe one of my beater longboards, and give it a check in the morning to see if I can squeeze a few playful peaks out of the local sandbars. I am not expecting all that much…but sunny skies and clean conditions are a couple of good reasons to paddle around for a while.

Here are the tides…

06/17/2010 Thursday
12:48AM LDT 5.0 H
08:01AM LDT -0.3 L
02:47PM LDT 4.3 H
08:33PM LDT 2.0 L


Anonymous said...

Is the windswell supposed to back off more than today? It was actually pretty good in places that picked it up. There even felt like some solid mid-period NW.

The CDIP forecast I use doesn't show it dropping significantly.

Anonymous said...

Really fun in newps this morning, waters barebackable why are there still kooks in fullsuits and bootys