Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tropical Storm Update – Tropical Depression intensifying into Tropical Storm Blas

We are finally getting our second named storm of the season...the NHC hasn’t quite pulled the trigger on naming the storm, but it looks like they are going to call it Tropical Storm Blas sometime in the next few hours.

This isn’t looking like much of a swell maker for anyone, but definitely not for Southern California at this point…the storm is just too far away from our swell window.

Current forecasts aren’t calling for this system to get much over 35-knots, which is the minimum threshold that a storm can maintain and still be called a “Tropical Storm”. The long-range does show this storm pushing into our SE-S swell window in a few days…maybe it will set up a little fetch as it tracks into a better position…we will have to wait and see.

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Jason Hall said...


Any info on the warm water mass in the EPAC? Is it living up to el nino standards?

Just curious as I remember reading something about how it might be a weak el nino..