Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eddy for Wednesday – extra helping of funky chicken

Wednesday does not look like much of surf day.

In the water there will be a bit of holding S-SW swell (190-210) that mixes with some increasing NW windswell, and touch of medium period WNW-NW swell (285-300), but increasing S-SW eddy winds will hamper conditions and all but the most protected spots will be pretty sloppy.

Most spots will be in waist high range with some chest high sets showing at the better SW facing breaks. The standout S-SW facing spots and excellent combo breaks will be in the chest-shoulder high range with a couple of bigger sets showing on the tide push.

The eddy circulation holds on Wednesday… S-SE for SD and Orange County in the morning but turning SW-WSW 7-12 knots by midmorning. The winds will be more N-NNW’erly for the passes and canyons in Ventura and Santa Barbara…with increasing NW winds as you get closer to Point Conception. LA county, in particular the South Bay, will be fairly clean with the winds blowing closer to offshore out of the SE but those winds do shift onshore by midmorning and we can expect a sloppy W-WSW 10-15 knots by the afternoon.

Overall shape doesn’t look that great…but spots with some protection from the S winds (yet still open to the S-SW swell mix) will be manageable for the dawn patrol…of course you will have to watch the low-tide…it is enough to drive you a little batty. Since there is swell in the water you should spend a few minutes checking conditions whenever your surf window opens up…these spring eddy’s can sometimes spin themselves out around midmorning, right before the marine-layer/june gloom/overcast burns off.

Here are the tides…

06/02/2010 Wednesday
12:24AM LDT 4.4 H
08:07AM LDT 0.3 L
03:11PM LDT 3.6 H
07:57PM LDT 2.8 L


Anonymous said...

Man did this morning suck, and it wasnt even windy.
Hey Adam i dont know if you surf the newport jetties but pretty much since winter the sand bars have just been horrible, like one big trench sort of a lesser version of hb. This is actually kind of normal, windswells usually take the sand away, but come april after some souths have pushed the sand back in everythings fine, its june and the sand still hasnt come back, iv heard of el ninos permanently changing beaches do you think this year will be the disappearance of one all goodness upper newport used to have?
(Going to kill el nino)

Anonymous said...

of all goodness*

Anonymous said...

N. San Diego is surfable right now. Winds are there but not too heavy. I'd say 6-8 knots out of the west.