Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Waves for Wednesday – More stupid eddy with some slowly dropping SW swell

Wednesday will have some waves…but like the last couple of days the eddy circulation and negative low tides will hamper conditions.

The SW swell (190-215) will be winding down on Wednesday while NW windswell continues to hold in the background.

Most spots are going to be on the small side…average SW facing spots will hold around waist high with some inconsistent chest high sets. The standout SW breaks and a few of the excellent combo spots, mostly through Orange County, will be more consistently around chest-shoulder high on the sets. This swell has been really fickle…so expect he tide, and the actual swell window of each particular break to play a big role in the quality of the surf.

Winds are not looking very good on Wednesday (hopefully now that I have typed that they will come in clean…I am going for reverse psychology today). The forecasts are calling for another upper level low pressure to move parts of the region, driving up the outer water winds and trying to strengthen the eddy.

For the morning look for W winds around 10 knots to push over Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Northern LA. S-SSW winds will be blowing around the same speed (10-knots) in Orange County and San Diego. Right now the COAMPS is calling for a brief period of lighter winds for all areas around sun-up…but I am not sure how accurate it is right now. Your best bet is going to be checking the wind stations or surf cams (or your trees if you live close to the beach) before committing to much of a drive.

By the afternoon winds will shift onshore out of the W-WNW around 12-15 knots for most areas.

So it is going to be a bit of a crapshoot Wednesday morning…the tide will be super low again and the winds are not looking all that promising…but we will have some swell in the water so we can’t totally write it off. Like I said above…we are just going to have to play it by ear, check the winds early and hope they come in light…then, if they do, wait around for the tide to even out. Damn when I put it that way maybe I will catch a little extra pillow surfing time tomorrow.

Here are tides…

06/16/2010 Wednesday
07:14AM LDT -0.8 L
01:54PM LDT 4.1 H
07:07PM LDT 2.2 L


Anonymous said...

Ya summer is definetly so cals best season, a few regions really suck but socalis finest really shine in summer, plus warm water and theres always something to surf.

I must observe that this is an excellent troll post. Not quite sure if the guy is cluelessly sincere, or if he's laying on a subtle layer of snark.

The bottom line is, hands down, that April-May-June is the worst surf season in California.

If you don't believe me, when was the last time Surfline posted up one of their portfolio series? During winter, they were publishing new content on a weekly basis.

If anyone wishes to know where the best surf is at any particular time of the year, simply note where guys like Greg Long are hanging out.

No, you don't have to surf death waves, but when he's in town, it means surf season in terms of swell AND weather.

That's why he's in Mex right now. Next will be S Africa (hmm, about time the Jbay contest is on). Indo, Peru & Chile are also in the window, but tend to be more of a strike type of missions.

Follow Long. Like the swallows, in due course sometime around Sept, he & his crew will be back in Cal & HI ready for another firing fall/winter season.

greg said...

hey adam - do the tropical cyclones have any affect on costa rica in terms of winds/weather? it looks like one of those cyclones might form in the next few days and im going to CR this weekend so i was wondering if it will affect the conditions at all. thanks and sorry for all the questions lately!

Anonymous said...

was totally shocked today to find my beach break pumpin! no joke, in south san diego there was offshore wind and beautiful 4-5 peeling faces. gorgeous! i took a chance and, man, did it pay off. only drawback was the lack of sun and return of less than warm water.

Anonymous said...

is drunk uncle eddie ever going home?

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with summer in socal that guy you quoted has a point, it is socals best season, just look how many pros post up in places like newport, san clemente, and so on.