Monday, June 28, 2010

Tuesday’s Surf – Slowly fading but still fun

Tuesday looks pretty surfable…and if you don’t mind a bit of texture it will be pretty playful at the well exposed spots.

Our mix of S-SW swell (190-210) and tropical S-SE swell (170-180) will be fading on Tuesday, but there is still enough leftover energy to keep things pretty rideable. NW windswell will continue to hold in the background…but won’t be all that surfable by itself.

Average spots can expect chest-shoulder high surf with some inconsistent head high sets showing from time to time throughout the morning tide push. Standout S facing spots and excellent combo breaks, mostly through Orange County, will still have most of the sets sticking around shoulder-head high with inconsistent overhead sets. Expect the bigger sets to become less and less frequent throughout the day as the swell mix backs down.

Our morning winds are still looking a little onshorey early in the morning but the overall wind-speed is expected to be below 5-knots. In general I think we can expect light/variable to light/onshore for most spots with a touch more texture at the really wind sensitive breaks. Look for the cleanest shape at spots with some protection (like kelp, some sort of structure, or a big coastal cliff)…or at least something that can knock down the wind a little. Afternoon winds build out of the W-WNW around 10-15+ knots.

So even though the swell mix is backing down I am still expecting a few playful ones out there. Your best bet is going to be focusing on S facing beaches…especially now that the swell is dropping (the fringe spots are going to lose size and consistency pretty fast as the energy backs down). We still have some fairly low-tide in the morning which we will want to keep in mind when selecting our surf spots. I am probably going to shoot for an early to mid-morning session and see if I can get a few waves before the onshore wind gets too bad…hopefully with the swell being a little smaller the low tide will keep it from being to sectiony.

Here are the tides…hope you get a few tomorrow.

06/29/2010 Tuesday
06:06AM LDT -0.4 L
12:35PM LDT 3.7 H
05:27PM LDT 2.3 L
11:17PM LDT 5.1 H


Anonymous said...

Pretty walled, seemed bigger then yesterday

Anonymous said...

Not bigger in south san diego. sunday was the magic day for us. yesterday was good, but today seemed like crappy leftover day. i think that super low tide messed it all up.

Anonymous said...

Sunday was a magic day for every strip of beach facing somewhat south

Master disinformation said...

Sunday sucked at Trestles.