Friday, June 4, 2010

Waves for the Weekend – not a bad couple of days to spend at the beach

Both Saturday and Sunday will be surfable…with Sunday being a little bigger thanks to another new S-SW swell that starts to arrive. Overall I think that both days will be “playful” surf days for most people but it may not have enough juice or consistency to be good or great.

Saturday will see slowly fading S-SW swell (180-200) and some slowly increasing WNW-NW windswell.

Most S facing spots will be around waist high with a few inconsistent chest high sets. The standout S facing spots, mostly in Orange County and San Diego, will have some waist-chest high surf and some less consistent shoulder high sets. The top breaks, particularly breaks that can combo in the windswell, will be more consistent and see some peaks scraping the bottom of the head high range.

Winds will be ok on Saturday…the weird surface eddy will continue to try and push winds in out of the S-SW but high-pressure builds in the upper levels and works to cancel it out. Basically we can expect light/variable winds in the morning with a touch of onshore texture that creeps in at a few of the more exposed beaches. The onshore texture should not be enough to make much of a difference, just don’t expect morning glass. Onshore flow around 10-15 knots will push in out of the W-WSW by the afternoon.

Sunday will see a new S-SW swell (180-205) move in and overlap the older S-SW swell (180-200) while the NW windswell holds in the background.

Most S facing spots and decent combo breaks will see a little more size on the sets…waist-chest high fairly consistently, with a few chest high+ waves starting to show as the new S-SW swell gets established. The top S-SW facing breaks and excellent combo spots, again mostly in OC and SD, will see chest-shoulder high surf with some head high sets through the morning…and a chance for some bigger overhead surf arriving later in the afternoon as the new S-SW swell fills in.

Winds look better on Sunday…mostly light and variable to even light offshore for the morning, then light and variable onshore starting around midday, before finally going W-WSW onshore in the 10-15 knot range by the afternoon. Beach temps will be in the low 70’s but inland areas will be upper 80’s to low 90’s.

Like I said it looks like a decent surf weekend…playful sizes for most beaches and a few larger sets showing on Sunday as the new swell fills in. The water temps are starting to creep back up thanks to the subtle eddy flow we had the last couple of mornings, so while you still need a wetsuit you won’t get an ice-cream headache every time you duckdive. I still think that you are going to want to stick with boards that work better in smaller surf…with the weather getting nice I bet the beach is going to start getting crowded, so being able to catch more of the smaller in-betweeners may make the extra people in the lineup a bit more tolerable.

Here are the tides…have a great weekend!

06/05/2010 Saturday
03:55AM LDT 3.1 H
10:22AM LDT 1.2 L
05:17PM LDT 4.3 H

06/06/2010 Sunday
12:15AM LDT 1.7 L
05:28AM LDT 3.0 H
11:06AM LDT 1.5 L
05:49PM LDT 4.6 H

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