Thursday, September 18, 2008

Waves for the weekend - a little breezy at times

It looks surfable this weekend but there may be a few issues with the wind particularly on Saturday.

Swellwise for both days we are going to see a mix of SSW swells (185-205), increasing local windswell, and some background WNW energy.

Most spots will hold around waist high with the mix of SSW swell and windswell. The average S facing breaks will be in the waist-chest high with some occasional shoulder high sets.

Standout S facing breaks of Orange County and San Diego will have surf in the chest-shoulder high range with inconsistent head high sets. Spots that can combo up on both the SSW'er and the windswell will be a lot more consistent than spots that are working just off the southern hemi swell.

Unfortunately winds will be a little funky, especially on Saturday. It looks like the NW flow that picked up to pretty brisk speeds on Friday will continue to hold overnight into Saturday morning. It should lighten up some but not enough to get the morning sickness off the more exposed beaches.

So for Saturday look for onshore bump out of the W-WSW around 3-5-knots...not enough to blow it out...but expect some slop. Check out the NRL COAMPS can see the lighter winds near the coast are just hiding the stronger breeze off the coast.

Things look cleaner on Sunday...the winds back off a bit more Saturday night and maybe open up a better pocket of light winds through the morning. Compare Sunday's COAMPS to Saturday's...lots more of the light blue near the coast which is a good thing.

Like I said...I do think it will be surfable over the won't be great but if you have something (like a jetty, pier, kelp, ect) to knock down a little of the wind you can probably find a couple of shwackable sections on the lower tides. I would probably try and surf on Sunday if you only get one shot to surf this weekend...but even then I would probably get a surf camera check in the morning before burning a lot of gas getting to the beach.

Tides for the weekend

01:41AM 3.2' High
05:58AM 2.4' Low
12:41PM 5.6' High
08:49PM 0.5' Low

04:06AM 3.0' High
06:42AM 2.9' Low
01:54PM 5.3' High
10:26PM 0.4' Low

Have a good one!

P.S. Hope any of you watching the Oakley Newport Pro webcast got a good laugh at me up in the announcers booth with Dave Stanfield.

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