Monday, September 22, 2008

Tuesday's Surf - picking up a touch but fighting the tide

Tuesday will be another rideable day but again I wouldn't venture to call it an actual surf day. There will be a touch more swell, cleaner conditions, but the tide continues to shaft us through most of the day.

We are going to see another small pulse of SSW energy arrive and overlap with our current SSW'er and mix with the background WNW windswell.

The average spots will continue to run in boggy knee-waist high waves. Standout SSW-SW facing surf breaks, mostly through Orange County and San Diego will be in the waist-chest high range on the sets.

Winds are looking much better tomorrow...mostly light/variable for the whole region with just a couple of small pockets of light-onshore texture here and there. Afternoon winds pick up out of the W around 10-12 knots.

Overall I wish we had more swell with the higher tides that hold throughout the day (crap even the low tide is a 3') but we don't so I should quit whining. The combo of small sizes and swampy tide is going to give plenty of spots some lovely mushy shorebreak shape. If you have to surf plan on hitting a spot that can handle a bit more water. I might hunt around for some mini-waves in the morning (just because I want to ride my new board)...but I am not going to be very motivated about it.

hmmm a little swampy

Tides for Tuesday

06:52AM 3.7' High
11:13AM 3.0' Low
05:03PM 5.3' High


Hugh said...

know your not a prophet, but from your expertise do you see anything on the horizon for next week? i have some buddies coming out from back east and am just hoping things will pick up. anything out there coming our way?

Anonymous said...

Rub your balls and blow in the wind, then you'll know when the surf will begin! :-)