Monday, September 1, 2008

Swell From Hurricane Gustav – Texas is Going off

I was checking the a few of the Texas surf cams to see if any swell got kicked out by Hurricane Gustav as it headed on its way to Louisiana.

It looks like some of the areas are getting some pretty good looking sets.

In particular look at this shot from South Padre Island. (I found it on It is going off on the outside…it is hard to tell how big it is but the winds are offshore and there are some definite corners lining up. The right looks particularly good.

Anyway it is better looking than anything in California this morning so I thought I would share.

Hey if there are any Texas surfers (or guys that have surfed South Padre before) out there, drop us a comment, let us know how big this. Those look like some pretty big oil rigs out there near the break.


Texesurfer said...

Hey all you cali surfers, I am from Texas and surfed this am, it was about 7-8ft on the sets, love those storms. The pic you have is a sweet surf spot, going there tomorrow. How is the surf in Cali? My friend who lives there told me about this blog page. Its a cool one..

clayton said...

I surfed in Madagorda bay yesterday and there where nice clean head high sets most of the day. In between the Jetties there was a 100 yard right point break that was sick.

I heard that some spots in S. Padre where double over head and that they where towing in to wave way off shore!?!? Either way it was the best waves I have seen in Texas.

s1rrah said...

Here's a sweet shot I took in Matagorda beach during the Gustav swell; FYI, Matagorda is about 300 miles north of South Padre and generally isn't as big ...

(couldn't figure a way to post it inline and besides its sort of big)


Fun day for sure.

Anonymous said...

Surfed in Port Aransas (north of South Padre) this time it was several feet over head there on the larger sets. The South padre pic looks to be double overhead outside based on past experience (maybe slightly larger) wished I made the trip. Try for more pics or ELRIDE.COM for pics and posts up and down the gulf coast. We don't get good surf often so the message boards are covered up with links for gustav.